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ICQ Away Reader 1.4

ICQ Away Reader links up between ICQ Client and ICQ server
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In this way it is possible to display hidden information, such as when someone reads your status message, or you write a message (more on features). A little pop up at the bottom right of the screen you will be informed at each event with a hint.

In the settings it can be established to respond to the events. In addition, the duration of the note display, the appearance of the pop-up, whether held an audible alert to what user name to appear, and much more can be set.

After successful initialization, minimizes the ICQ Away Reader in the system tray, on which the program can then control. The course of previous messages can be either through the context menu or double click open the icon. In addition, the entire course in a text file is saved in the installation directory.

Main features:

- Display when someone reads the status message, the XStatus requesting the status of scans, writes a message or leave the conversation
- Individual sounds for each contact
- Different skins to choose from and you can create your own skins
- Quick access via the system tray menu.

ICQ Away Reader - smart and very useful tool that helps you read between ICQ Client and ICQ server.

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